Terraform usage

MLStacks uses Terraform under the hood to deploy and destroy the infrastructure that you specify in your stack specification files. We specifically designed the interface to conceal the Terraform implementation details from you, but if you want to use Terraform directly, you can do so.

Where are the Terraform files stored?

You can download our modular recipes by cloning our GitHub repository:

git clone https://github.com/zenml-io/mlstacks.git

The specific directory you want to look at is src/mlstacks/terraform.

Terraform next steps

If you want to use Terraform directly, you can simply navigate to the root of one of the xxx-modular directories and run (for example) terraform init to initialize the Terraform directory. You can then run terraform plan to see what Terraform will do, and terraform apply to apply the changes.

You are free to remix and use the Terraform modules and recipes as you see fit, but please note that this is not a core use case for MLStacks and you might no longer be able to use the MLStacks CLI to manage your stacks any more.

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